Shehzad is waste of time

A few years ago when Ahmed Shehzad made his name on the International Arena of Cricket we all were certain he is destined for something big. But as the time passed, he couldn’t live up to his reputation. As a result, he was dropped for quite some time recently.

PCB selectors picked hm for West Indies, so that he may prove his worth yet again he disappointed. Shehzad has played a number of dot balls this season more than 50% he faced. He averages less than 35 in ODIs and for an opener that is very low reflecting on the standards of the game. If you were in 90’s this average would have been magnificent. Openers have taken the role of building the innings together, and batting for longer periods scoring runs at a rapid pace. Shehzad has lacked consistency and also is a number of times accused of deliberately playing slow. This has hurt the team’s cause on numerous occasions.

The issue that Pakistan Cricket is suffering of is they don’t want to let go of those who don’t perform. Strict issues must be taken on Shehzad issue. As an opener, we need someone to have a fighting spirit. Whereas Shehzad is very defensive in terms of batting approach.

Ahmed Shehzad is a finished chapter, a new and better alternate batsman should be considered over him. West Indies team were not a big task, newer faces should have been given chances. Selection on basis of favoritism must end.

Strict actions are needed to lift Pakistan’s performances in the limited overs Cricket. As the batting options for Pakistan seem limited, and no alternatives can be seen for them to come to the rescue.


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