Google’s VR Platform

True virtual reality (VR), not simply Cardboard that puts virtual reality on your smartphone device, might be an important part of your next device compatible with Android.Google’s Android VR is officially called Daydream that will bring your much-loved apps to virtual reality. This VR platform is just coming this year, expected in November 2016. It will be launched with Android N.

The VR platform is to be built-into the Android OP starting with the launch of N. This platform comprises both software and hardware specs, which is called compatible phones “Daydream-Ready”.

Aspirations of Google’s VR platform are quite close to what Samsung has already launched its Gear VR headset.

The current article is all about Google’s VR platform, Daydream, and I am going to discuss and share five crucial information related to this forthcoming platform, which is necesary to know.

  1. It’s named Daydream

Google will soon its VR platform and it is calling the VR feature and platform “Daydream” of its Android N.So, don’t mix the Daydream moniker with this VR platform Google launched a few years ago as the Android screensaver feature.

Daydream is built-in on your Android N, so you don’t need to install it as an additional app. If you place your phone into a Daydream comfortable headset, “VR mode” startsautomatically by turning your device into the Daydream’s brains.

In case your mobile device is locked in and headset is on, you have the option to move your head and browse the Daydream home app launcher. This platform enables you to easily access apps or games you have already installed on your device. This also lets you to visit the Play Store with the aim of finding new and innovative apps.

  1. What you’ll need by using Daydream

If you use Daydream the following are requirements:

  • You need a mobile handset which must be compatible with your Android N. Although there is no compatible phone in the market as yet, very soon flasghip Nexus phone by Google will be launched that will support it.
  • You need a compatible Daydream headset. Although the headsets arenot in the market, Google shared its guidelines about hardware you can review at Google I/O.
  • You need a Daydream controller, an intuitive controller for rich VR experiences,through which you will make your purchase with the Daydream headset.

Google will soon launch its own Daydream headset controller this year for the Nexus 6P. Besides this headset, Google is also facilitating its hardware partners by providing them with absolute design guidelines for the Daydream headset and Daydream controller. Now, manufacturerswill be able to use the reference design to generatetheir own.

Google’s each headsetwill require a Daydream controller.

  1. There are strict hardware requirements

Although Android hardware partners enjoy broad freedom when it comes to building an Android device, strict requirements will be imposed by Google on manufacturers that manufacture devices to meet the requirements of Daydream compatible devices.

I don’t know the precise requirements set by the Google, but it is stated by the Google’s Android developer website “this preview brings motion-to-photon latency on the Nexus 6P down to less than 20ms, which is “the speed necessary to establish immersion for the user to feel like they are actually in another place”. It will further assist cut down on motion condition, so it can be said this is almost certainly the yardstickthat would be set by Google for devices compatible with Daydream.According to Sean Hollister, Senior Editor at CNET, ifperformance requirements set by Google are not met by a device, it is possible that the VR app would not open when you place your phone in the headset.

As stated by Google, the mobile phone devices made by HTC, Huawei, Samsung, LG, ZTE, Alcatel, Xiaomi and Asus, all have the potential to run with Daydream.

  1. Existing app partners of Google

Google has already app partners, which include Google Photos, YouTube, Play Store, Play Movies, and Street View, and all of them will have a VR app. Besides Google, other companies including NBA, CNN, Netflix, Hulu, MLB, and the Wall Street Journal are all the Google’s app partners.

  1. Finallythe cost

As far as the cost set by Google is concerned, the CNET was told by the company it would set the headsets’ price just like Gear VR kit offered by Samsung’s, Gear VR headset at $100 and Galaxy S7 at $800.

The Bottom Line

In this article I shared some crucial information about Google’s Daydream implementation of Android N, but there is much more to learn about. Google has also organized a gathering as session at its developer event in May 2016 dedicated to Android VR platform, where the company listened for new and innovative information.

Google’s Daydream as VR platform was announced at Google I/O 2016 and will soon be launched in Autumn and it is highly expected that in the coming November.