Younus Khan:Pakistan’s Finest

Pakistan, has over the years produced so many great names in the Cricket Arena. It has been the finest young and raw talent producer for the game. In every era there have been some finest Pace bowlers who could even swing the ball, bowl in-dippers, away swingers, reverse swinging yorkers, toe-crushers, pacy bouncers. Also their have been great batting ambassadors from the country. From Hanif Muhammad to Zaheer Abbas, Majid Khan to Javed Miandad, Inzamam ul Haq to Muhammad Yousuf and Younus Khan. these batting ambassadors have done so much for the game.


Younus Khan sharing a light moment with the Aussies in the deserts of UAE

The modern day cricketing giant in Pakistan is the veteran Test batsmen Younus Khan who became recently the leading centurion and the leading all time test runs scorer for the country. Younus’ role in the team is of a fighter, who never kneels in front of the opponent. Stands tall, and sweeps you until you bowl him a half tracker and that gets square driven, or cut for four.

Younus Khan though failed to provide scores in ODI’s recently but he has some remarkable achievements in the test career of his. He has been along with Misbah ul Haq, the back bone of Pakistan’s test batting line-up with an healthy average of 50+ he has given scores on regular basis.

Younus has been a typical batsmen, who keeps the scoreboard ticking with singles, doubles and odd boundaries. He has the perfect selection of shots and a quality timing off the ball. You just can’t ignore the man for his contributions to the team. The reason he has been so successful is, he seeks to build a partnership as soon as he gets to crease, creating troubles for the bowling side. With a variety of shots under his belt he can play straight down the drive, sweep the spinners very often, cut or drive when pitched outside the off stump or can even come out of his crease to smack over the in younis-khan-man-of-the-matchfield. He has a liking towards spinners, he plays them elegantly.


He has 31 Test hundreds to his name in 104 test matches, at an healthy average of 54. A solid batsmen, who delivers per every test match and can score in any innings, a very special thing about him is he likes to score more in the 3rd or 4th innings of the test match. The harder the conditions the better Younus gets. Also he is among the forth Pakistan batsmen to pass the 300 figure in an innings of a test match against Sri Lanka before the disastrous attack on Sri Lankan squad happened in Lahore. When Pakistan won the 2009 ICC T20 World Cup Younus was the Pakistani Captain who lifted the cup 17 years after Imran’s triumph at the MCG in ’92. Only the third he is after Don Bradman, and Herbert Sutcliffe to have an average of 50 or more in every innings of a test match. He was the first in 50 years to score three consecutive Test hundreds in consecutive innings against Australia two years back. Also he became the first to score 5 centuries in 4th innings of test matches that sure a record!


Younus Khan goes down for a reverse sweep. Pak v Eng 1st Test Nov 1 2015.

His achievements also includes him being the First Pakistani to reach 9000 Test runs mark and now he is aiming to score 10000 Test runs before he call it a day. He also owns the achievement to have scored a Test ton against every test playing nation and is the twelfth to do so. Younus is regarded as one of the best modern day players of spin. also prone to getting down on one knee and driving the ball extravagantly.

Though Younis’ career has been a roller coaster with lots of up’s and down’s, in the squad, dropped of the squad, but he never lost the faith in himself and kept going to prove his worth in the team. His presence gives a sense of reliability to the team’s middle order. He stables the stumbling batting line up of Pakistan test squad. He has been the go to man since an eternity and he has been very keen on taking the responsibility on his shoulders and fulfilling the captain’s requirements.

Since the departure of Inzamam ul Haq, and Muhammad Yousuf all the responsibilities came on to Younus Khan as him being the senior most batsmen, embraced the responsibility and took every opportunity to score for his team. Off the field he has been a gentlemen and on the field he has a good temperament always smiling around and taking it nice and easy.

There is nothing that you won’t love about the guy. He is a true gentlemen of the game. He stood up for his team whenever his duties were sought by PCB, PCT, or the Captain/Coaching staff. Him being in the team you can hope, he would come and stabilize the situation no matter how worse it gets. He is the guy Pakistani fans have been and will always be counting on.